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Apetamin Alternative

What other supplement is a better substitute for the Apetamin syrup? If you are in search of answers to this, then this article is for you.

By now, chances are you have already discovered a terrible testimony about the Apetamin supplement, perhaps in a complicated way, or maybe it is just the fear in the air about the potential side effects of Apetamin.

Whatever the case is,  you are now only interested in an alternative that is much safer, healthier, and generally recommended than Apetamin.

In the rest of this article, we will discuss what makes people consider alternatives to Apetamin, ideal vitamin supplements that serve as a substitute and work better than Apetamin, and the various natural approaches to weight gain.

Despite how effective Apetamin drug claims to be for gaining weight, considering alternatives to achieve the same result remains an option to many people, given that there are still safety concerns around the use of the appetite-stimulant drug.

In this vein, people consider opting for supplements like Creatine Powder, Amino 3000, Cypri gold, Appeton, or Whey Protein, in stimulating their appetite, resulting in a healthy, pretty much quicker weight gain.

Read on to know more about these alternatives, how they work, their respective dosage recommendations, legal profiles, and results.

Before dwelling on these substitutes, let’s briefly discuss why people consider an alternative route to weight gain, even when Apetamin is an option.

Why do people consider Apetamin Alternatives?

Apetamin is a cyproheptadine, lysine, and vitamins made up supplement usually recommended to those underweight and who find it hard to consume more food that is essentially needed during weight gaining.

Based on experience, one could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week while taking the syrup in the proper dosage. It has also proven to help women achieve a curvy figure and the desired bodybuild in men.

Despite its effectiveness, there are a few fundamental reasons why you’d want to try something else. Among these reasons are:

1) It is not FDA Approved: The Apetaim syrup and pill has not been approved by the FDA, which means Apetamin is illegal in the UK and other countries. And, one of the ways people verify the safety of a drug before use is by checking whether or not the federal agency approves it.

While this potentially flags safety concerns, many other vitamin supplements like the Apetamin are not yet approved by the FDA but are still popular.

2) There is a significant risk in purchasing Apetamin:

Given its illicit profile, you can’t find it sold in stores or health supplements retailers, but it can be purchased from an online vendor or social media.

And, you should know that buying Apetamin, weight gain pills, or any other pharmaceutical product from the internet comes with risks.

So, it is reasonable to choose a weight gain supplement that you can freely walk into any pharmacy to buy with nothing to worry about.

3) Scary side effects

When you don’t take the proper dosage, there are terrible side effects of Apetamin that you don’t want to experience. Aside from that, side effects that come after usage of the drug, especially within the first three days of medication, include dizziness, headache, drowsiness and fatigue, among others.

This is not to say that some of the alternatives do not have their side effects, only that the Apetamin might not be seen as the right choice, especially for someone who wants a weight gain solution with minimal risk involved.

Other weight gain supplements to substitute Apetamin

Most of the Apetamin alternatives for weight gain also work by stimulating your appetite to help you consume the required body nutrients necessary for growth. Still, some of them work in a slightly different manner

It is also important to mention that most of these substitutes also have side effects that necessitate the proper dosages and prescriptions. Without further ado, here are some ideal Apetamin Alternatives:

1. Creatine Powder

Creatine is loosely defined as a nitrogenous organic acid that gives energy to the cells in the body to bring about mass body increase but is particularly effective for muscle cells.

The nature of its effectiveness explains why it is rather commonly used among athletes to improve their performance. Nevertheless, many people who have used it for increased body mass had positive results.

It is medically approved, but the prescription recommended poses some side effects that lurk around the high dosage.

2. Amino 3000

The Amino 3000 supplement is quite popular, like Apetamin. It contains more high quality concentrated protein substances, including soy protein isolate, calcium, and whey protein hydrolyzate, which play essential roles during the body growth process.

Each container contains 300 tablets, and a 15 per day is usually recommended for effective results. It is safe when properly taken, but possible side effects include but are not limited to fatigue.

3. Cypri gold

Unlike the ones above, Cypri Gold has a very similar function as the Apetamin syrup. The dietary supplement also causes increased appetite as it is made up of Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride.

Some medical cases have also studied it for treating allergies like watery eyes, sneezing, and itching.

Available in tablets and 200ml syrup, Cypri gold is known as a weight gain supplement commonly among children but works for adults.

4. Appeton

Appeton Weight Gain is a blend of protein formula, clinically approved and studied to cause healthy weight gain for males and females.

With this supplement, studies have shown that you can, on average, gain 2kg after taking the medication three times a day for two months with your usual clean diet.

Unlike Apetamin, it is well-tolerated and pose no side effects, provided it is taken in the recommended dosage.


Many other supplements claim to cause weight gain in both males and females, most of which work as appetite stimulants.

However, the few listed here are dietary products studied to give results, presented as an ideal alternative for the popular Apetamin.

I will also advise that you consult a nutritionist before embarking on any of these medications because there are high chances that our body reacts to these supplements differently.

Overall, nothing beats the results of taking the natural approach towards natural, healthy, gradual weight gaining.

Snacking on nuts regularly, eating dried fruit rather than fresh fruit, and other calorie-boosting diets could help in the long run for weight gaining, healthier than most of these supplements.