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Apetamin For Guys - What You Should Know

The issue of weight gain is a delicate subject, but it is very much true that many are tired of being the skinny guy in the gym or simply being underweight.

It is also shitty to admit that being underweight can affect other aspects of your life as a guy, but that is just the truth.

Instead of getting worked up with the complicated broscience approach to weight gaining, considering appetite-stimulating supplements such as Apetamin can become a lifesaver as it promises to help add more weight in a faster and natural way.

However, the Apetamin vitamin syrup is more famous among women than their counterparts. It is associated with helping females in achieving curvy shape goals - a look at the Apetamin hashtag on Instagram will tell us more about this.

But what about men who are looking to add more weight? Does Apetamin work for men? Is the Apetamin syrup safe for guys? What other essential things should a guy know before using the supplement? These are examples of the thoughts we will touch on throughout this article.

Understanding the use of Apetamin in men

To begin with, weight gaining (and losing) is simply a game of calories, whether in males or females.

The more you can consume calorie-abundant food, the more energy you can provide and store as extra body fat. Sadly, not everyone has the appetite to eat as much as is needed to gain weight.

This is why struggling to meet your gym schedules alone every other day might not be the best approach to achieving your bodybuilding goals, particularly more healthily and quickly.

Apetamin works as a weight gaining supplement to help the situation simply because it can stimulate your hunger for food, enabling you to eat until your jaws are tired.

This happens because the syrup is made of cyproheptadine hydrochloride, it is a powerful antihistamine that communicates with the hormone in the body responsible for appetite stimulation.

With this understanding, you should note that the drug is not a body enlargement, get-instant-curve, or boobs enlargement kind of drug. It is simply an appetite stimulant, which is helpful for guys struggling to gain weight due to less interest in eating more.

Apetamin dosage for men

At this point, it is critical to mention that the Apetamin vitamin syrup is safe for use in men, and women, provided you go by the recommended dosage determined by your age group.

P.S: Apetamin comes in syrup and pill form, But it is primarily sold and consumed in the syrup form since the liquid is faster to absorb than solid. So we’ll be concentrating more on taking the syrup form of the medication.

The information on the label gives instructions on how to measure the 200ml bottle syrup for intake using the little measuring cup, which has three notches - the 15ml, 10ml, and 5ml levels.

For adult guys, the recommended dosage of the Apetamin syrup is 10ml to be taken three times a day. Younger guys under the age of 7 -14 years are to take the supplement 2-3 times daily on 10ml, while for little boys, 5ml, 2-3 times daily. I advise you to take the drug before each meal.

Apetamin syrup results in men

If you follow the directions and take the dosage directly, you will blow the h*ll up in weeks, maybe months, to come. The weight gained while consuming more calories from taking Apetamin is not channelled to a particular part of the body. Expect to get natural chubby in your cheeks, arms, legs, and belly.

Generally speaking, you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week, but your appetite should increase in 2 days after you begin the medication.

Will I gain Abs and Muscles with Apetamin?

With the information shared above, it critically becomes essential that you hit the gym frequently while taking the mystical syrup, say 4 to 5 times in a week, to keep your body in shape and apportion those fats to the right places. The same recommendation goes to the ladies to achieve the curvy figure they desire from using the supplement.

So, working out will help the weight to go where you want it to go. Do remember to eat clean, healthy meals as you observe intermediate gym routines.

The side effect of Apetamin in men

If you have dug deeper into Apetamin reviews online, you must have come across the ‘get thick and get sick’ concerns raised by some vitamin supplement users. But obviously, the reviews on positive results outweigh its potential side effects.

This does not say that the drug does not come with its problems, mainly because it is not yet FDA approved and is illegal for sales in countries like the United States and contains cyproheptadine, which must be a strict prescription before consumption.

The side effects of Apetamin after usage include dizziness, nausea, headache, drowsiness and fatigue, and muscle weakness.

The Apetamin will make you feel sluggish in the first three days of starting the medication. But after then, and if you stick with the directions on dosage, you’ll be fine.

Other weight gain options for guys

Apetamin is not the easiest to find. You will only get it from, probably the internet, say vendors on social media or forums. This is risky because you might end up buying a fake one.

The Apetamin syrup works real quick for weight gain, but considering the safety concerns around it, you might be looking at other safer options to gain weight as a guy.

It means you will need to focus more on your diet because that is what truly determines the result, after all. Steps like snacking on nuts regularly, eating dried fruit rather than fresh fruit, and other calorie-boosting diets could help in the long run.

Final thoughts

The significant and widespread advantage of taking Apetamin syrup is experiencing a no-nonsense weight gain. It works for both men and women, and the recommended dosage is pretty much the same gender.

However, the weight gained while taking the drug is distributed to all parts of the body. So, there is still a need to hit the gym regularly to channel the growth to your muscles, chest and body-structure areas.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you contact a nutritionist or your trainer before starting the medication.