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Apetamin Syrup For Babies

For many mothers, weight gain in babies is a primary concern. Imagine how worrying it is to see your child lose his appetite at a very early stage.

You’d try everything from taking him to park, while playing, in the car, in front of videos, but in the end, he will take only 2 to 3 bites, and that's all.

Now, he’s lost weight and looks so thin. After trying everything you can, you are left with the hope that when he goes to school and watches other kids eat, he might learn to eat.

However, suppose you have considered giving your baby Apetamin syrup to help the situation. In that case, you must know how safe and effective it is for toddlers because, ultimately, you want to ensure that you give your baby a balanced diet that supplies all the nutrition needed to grow and stay healthy.

This post will look at exactly what you need to know about giving babies Apetamin syrup. Questions around the proper Apetamin dosage for children, the need for use, what result you should expect after use, potential side effects, and how to avoid them will also be addressed.

Does Apetamin Work for Babies?

First thing first, you might have been hearing the wrong things about the Apetamin supplement as against what it does to the body.

The Apetamin syrup is commonly used by underweight people or those looking to add a few more pounds to achieve their weight gain goals naturally, efficiently pretty much faster.

The syrup comprises cyproheptadine, lysine, and Vitamins that trigger the appetite to ensure better food consumption.

It is important to note that the mystical Apetamin syrup has not been approved by the FDA due to safety concerns and is considered not recommended without doctors’ prescription.

However, many mothers who have used the drug for their babies often come out on popular platforms to give positive reviews with images to prove.

Like every other drug for babies, Apetamin syrup is good and will give results, provided you are using it for the right reasons and giving your child the right dosage. You also have to be sure that your baby falls under the right age bracket to take the supplement.

Apetamin dosage for babies

The Apetamin drug is not safe for children under the age of 2 years. This means that if your baby is between 3-24 months, you should look for other delicate appetite stimulation drugs for babies or weight gain food for toddlers.

For children under the right age bracket to take the Apetamin syrup, here is the right dosage:




2-6 years

5 ml

2 to 3 times daily before food



2 to 3 times daily before food

Seven years and above


2 to 3 times daily before food

P.S: The original Apetamin syrup bottle is 200ml, and it is originally never full. By calculations, a bottle of Apetamin syrup should last less than two weeks, given that you will be giving your child 5ml daily.

Does Apetamin have side effects on babies?

As mentioned earlier, Apetamin is illegal in the United States and many other countries due to safety concerns which are the general potential side effects.

For example, its main ingredient, cyproheptadine hydrochloride, has been linked to serious side effects such as sleepiness and dizziness.

This is why the drug is only available with a prescription, which is recommended to seek a doctor before giving your baby.

What syrup is best for weight gain for babies?

Apetamin may not be the first option that comes to mind for weight gain in babies, considering that it is only safe and effective for children above two years of age.

However, the best approach to weight gain, especially for toddlers, is to improve their appetite with weight gain foods such as breast milk, bananas, full cream milk, sweet potatoes, plain meats and eggs, and cheese.

Do some babies gain weight slower?

In some situations, it is a normal thing for a perfectly healthy baby to gain weight slowly. Babies have unique growth patterns.

If your baby is reaching his developmental targets, you don’t need to be worried over a pause in weight gain in the first nine months because, over time, he will catch up.

But in cases where it has been seen as a medical problem, or just an abrupt loss of appetite, weight gain supplements like Apetamin that encourages eating habits can come as a lifesaver.


There is an absolute joy in watching your child grow weeks after weeks. But when there is a pause in weight gain, it could be that they’ve been lagging in their diet, probably due to loss of appetite, which should be a concern.

Meanwhile, there are several reasons why kids may not like food, such as a familiar menu, the taste of their meal, forceful feeding, or even too much on the plate. First, look out for these areas before concluding that they need a supplement. 

Suppose you are convinced that giving Apetamin syrup to your baby will help the child’s situation. In that case, I am glad that we have been able to go through all you need to know about Apetamin drug for babies, the right dosage, and how to avoid the potential side effects.