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Does Apetamin Work?

For those who are looking to put on more weight, and have ever heard anything about Apetamin, you will agree with me that there are various chalk and cheese claims to what the syrup actually does to the body and how effective it works for weight gaining.


It is, perhaps, these great doubts that have brought you here to know if truly Apetamin works the way it is advertised on social media by loyal users of the supplement as against the poor reviews from some who have tried it in the past.

This article has been dedicated to answer the question of ‘does apetamin work?’. But in addition, you will be exposed to the result you should expect from using Apetamin before, during and after period of usage, as well as other truth-be-told things you should know about the use of Apetamin.

The vitamin supplement is a medication that claims to help those who have a hard time gaining weight by stimulating their appetite to consume more calories for bodybuilding.

In other words, instead of trying other hard measures to gain weight such as eating junk food, protein and fruit shakes, and avoiding the gym, a routine dosage of the Apetamin product is said to increase your appetite to eat more to add a few pounds naturally and efficiently.

This is because it contains a main ingredient called cyproheptadine hydrochloride, a potent antihistamine whose side effect includes increased appetite.

At the extent of usage, a search of #apetamin on social media will reveal pictures of healthy women with curvy buttocks and large sized breasts recommending the mystical syrup.

But does it truly work as advertised? Let’s find out.

Does Apetamin really work?

The real truth about Apetamin Syrup is that yes, it may actually help you increase the level of your appetite. As mentioned earlier, the main drug contained in the supplement  is Cyproheptadine whose side effect is increased hunger.

Many people are seeing the product as a syrup for weight gaining, but in the actual sense of it, it is not. Apetamin only truly, litrally works in stimulating your crave for food, causing you to eat more so you gain weight naturally.

We have explained in detail how these things work in a recent article, but you should know that the syrup is not 100%  effective for every user as people's metabolism is different.

Using Apetamin; What you should know

First off, the product is not approved by the FDA, and so, it’s illegal to sell Apetamin in the United States and in many other countries.

Hence, if you are going to use the product for your ambitious weight gain goals, you want to be sure you know beyond the mere smoke and mirrors of the syrup.

The Apetamin medication comes in syrup and pills form, but it is commonly consumed in the syrup form. While there are no any significant differences between the two, the liquid nature of the syrup form makes it work faster than the pill, since they are absorbed better than solids.

According to the information on the Apetamin package, the recommended dosage for adults is 5 to 10ml to be taken 3 times a day, and should be approximately 20 minutes before meal.

The manufacturers also advise that working out while on Apetamin medication will help the weight gained to be properly apportioned around your body, especially when you start gaining weight from taking the syrup.

For those who really want to know if it does work, based on experience, you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week if you take the tablets in the right dosage. What to eat while taking Apetamin should also be considered while eating healthy and intermediate workout routines are advised.

However, how well the Apetamin work has been observed to vary as it largely depends on the user’s activity rate and food intake.

Apetamin before and after result

I mentioned it earlier that if you really want to see the striking changes that the Apetamin drug has been doing to people’s body as testified by loyal users of the medication, a look at #apetamin on Instagram will almost clear all doubts.

Observing the most recent  photos of healthy women before and after taking Apetamin syrup routinely, it is a pure indication that the mystical supplement is not only popular for its result across the globe, but significantly popular among women.

For those who are underweight and lack appetite, the syrup is said to stimulate their appetite for food intake, thereby causing them to eat more thus adding a few more pounds. This does not undermine the fact that there are some negative reviews about the drug in popular review platforms.

Since it works, is Apetamin safe to use?

Now you may ask, since it truly works to boost your appetite for weight gain, is it then safe that I use it?

While it is hard to tell you what you should do and not.. the honest response is that Apetamin is not entirely safe for you to use.

First, considering that it is a banned product should raise a red flag that it has potential risk and side effects which we have investigated and deciphered in a recent post, as well.

This explains why you will not find Apetamins in pharmacies or stores, or even sold by accredited health supplement retailers. Those who are able to procure the original product have gotten theirs, very likely, through illegal importation into their country.

The Bottom line

For those whose ultimate goal is to gain weight, it may seem nothing far from reasonable to resort to supplements like Apetamin which claims to stimulate your appetite thus, helping you add a few more pounds efficiently.

And for this exact purpose, the product truly works. But, it should not be confused to be a weight gaining product or buttock enlargement supplement, it isn’t.

We have also seen that Apetamin, in its full contents, is not approved, the reason being that it  has many safety concerns such as sleepiness, dizziness, tremors, irritability, and even blurred vision.

Nevertheless, there are many loyal users of the Apetamin syrup who claim, with audio-visual proofs, to have used the product and successfully stopped without any negative occurrence.

However valid this may be, the baseline is yes, it may actually help you increase the level of your appetite which consequently leads to weight gain. To know how this syrup works in doing so, read out most recent post on How Does Apetamin Work.

I hope this helped.