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How Long Does Apetamin Take To Work?

Looking at the outcome of using Apetamin, as posed by many healthy-looking people online who were once underweight, it is compelling to shell out your cash to get the syrup and try it out for yourself too.But, How long does Apetamin take to work?

For one thing, Apetamin has gained popularity for helping many who could add a few more pounds due to lack of appetite in achieving their weight gain goals in the most natural and efficient way.

However, as your first time trying the product, you want to know how long Apetamin syrup takes to work, and how many of that 200ml bottle you will be needing to buy to hit your desired body weight within the period of usage.

Based on experience from using the drug, and monitored developments from some closely-related users of the syrup, the process of pegging down the actual time frame that it takes for Apetamin to start working in the body has been less difficult. Here is what we found out:

Once you start taking Apetamin syrup, your appetite should start to increase 2 days after, and if you consistently take the supplement twice each day, you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week, but this should be supported with eating healthy meals and maintaining an intermediate workout routine.

The recommended dosage for the supplement is around 5-10ml at 3 times a day which should be taken 15 to 20 minutes before meal.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and the time frame at which the Apetamin Syrup will begin to take effect largely depends on your activity rate and food intake.

Is one bottle of Apetamin enough to get results?

The original Apetamin syrup bottle is 200ml, and it is originally never completely full. By calculations, a bottle of the Apetamin syrup should last approximately one week and half, given that you will be taking 15 to 20ml daily as an adult.

With this understanding, the question lurking in the mind would be: is one week and half enough to get my desired result?

It is a yes and a no answer because your ambition for taking the medication would vary as some would just want to add a few more weight while others are looking to go from skinny to chubby.

From this angle of thought, what seems more important is knowing exactly when to stop taking the supplement which we have deciphered in a recent post. Secondly, you would want to be sure of what happens next after you have stopped Apetamin medication. (More on this shortly).

Should I workout while taking Apetamin?

It is accurately advised to engage in an intermediate workout routine while on Apetamin.

One thing you should know about this supplement is that once it begins to cause you to start adding weight, the weight is not directed to one part of the body - it goes everywhere. The supplement will cause parts of your body including your arms, face and stomach to retain more fat.

Users of the drug who have seen results have gained more fat all over their body, not just in one place, which debunks the claim that it is a boobs or buttocks enlargement product - it is not.

One of the weight-gaining effects is that it could reflect in a sufficient amount of belly fat, and so, working out will help you keep a flat stomach while taking the Apetamin, and may also help channel the weight gained to where it should go.  

Will I lose weight if I stop taking Apetamin?

To be very honest, the weight gained while using Apetamin is often lost after you stop using it the way you used to, also you will notice the appetite begin to decrease.

This is because the Cyproheptadine, the active ingredient of Apetamin, in the body is eliminated and a result of the discontinued intake of the syrup.

For me, this began to take effect 2-3 weeks after stopping the product, and I began to record a marginal decrease in weight of about 2-3 pounds.

But during the period, what I did to prevent dropping more pounds was to start using the vitamin syrup again which helped gain 2-3 pounds back, and even a few more.

However, there are some users of the product who I talked with who said they never lost weight after they stopped taking Apetamin. And were even willing to continue the routine doze.

So what I would recommend for anyone when the time comes to stop the supplement is that once you have achieved your goal weight, it is best to slowly start taking lower doses of Apetamin. This is to ensure that appetite remains and you don’t lose the weight you’ve gained during the period like me.

What works faster and better than Apetamin syrup?

To be very factual about this, let’s remind ourselves that Apetamin is an appetite-stimulating supplement that makes you eat more and consume more calories which in effect will lead to weight gaining.

This means that eating excess calories more than is required for your metabolism, which may be in the form of muscle tissue or fat, is the reason why you gain weight.

And so, if you take out the appetite-stimulating effect of these dietary supplements, you will realize that no pill can make you fat unless you eat more, which means that for faster and better results, you can not resort to drugs to gain weight.

Instead, for healthier, safer, and better results, it is best to refer to a nutritionist or a healthcare specialist who will help you design a program. This is especially vital for those that are extremely underweight.

But to answer the question, there are a plethora of drugs out there that can cause weight gain as side effects especially antidepressant such as paroxetine , Amitriptyline etc

However, considering their grave side effects at even the slightest misuse or abuse, you don’t want to try them, trust me.


So for those who want to know how long it takes for Apetamin to work, we have been able to see that you will begin to notice some changes within a few days to a week, when you start taking apetamin syrup.

While the result at this time may not be much, with time you will notice a huge difference in your overall body weight as well as increased appetite for food.

We have also seen the result that a bottle of apetamin can give you within the usage period and whether you will be needing more to achieve your desired result or not.

If you found this article helpful, or you have any disturbing questions about the usage of Apetamin drug which this article did not address, feel free to share in the comments.