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How Long Does One Bottle of Apetamin Last?

The usage of Apetamin syrup for weight gain has become very popular, and more people are joining the league of its loyal users to accelerate their weight gain journey.

However, at the early stage of using the vitamin supplement, or even before you start using it, you want to know how many bottles of Apetamin you will need to buy to achieve the desired result. That is, how long one bottle of the Apetamin will last.

How Long One Bottle of Apetamin Last

A bottle of Apetamin syrup contains 200ml of the liquid and will last for approximately 7 days. This is not just because it is originally never completely full to the brim, but also because the recommended dosage for the syrup is 10ml, 3 times daily for adults which, by calculation, makes consumption of one Apetamin syrup bottle last for a week.

With the understanding that a bottle of apetamin will last for barely one week, experts usually recommend  ordering two bottles from the get-go or purchasing the next bottle when the current one is at its half way point to avoid lapses in regular dosage.

However, for those who are just starting the medication and just want to experiment how well it works, one bottle is a great way to go.

Is one bottle of Apetamin enough to gain weight?

Quite frankly, we all react to drugs differently. Substances such as dietary supplements tend to take effect in our body at different times.  And so, many want to know what apetamin result after one bottle looks like.

Whether one bottle of Apetamin syrup will be enough to get your desired result or not largely depends on what your ambition for taking the medication is.

While some would just want to add a few more weight, or increase their appetite, others may be looking to go from skinny to chubby. From this line of thought, what seems more important is knowing exactly when to stop taking the supplement which we have deciphered in a recent post.

All and above, if you are skinny, thin, slim, or you are not happy with your small body size, it is not recommended to stop at one bottle of Apetamin. As you observe the routine dosage, make sure you monitor your growth within the period.

Also, eating healthy food to suppress the increased appetite will help in accelerating the weight gain process as more calories will be consumed.

Does Apetamin bottle work faster than pills?

Apetamin is an appetite-stimulating supplement that is said to promote weight gain in a fast, natural and efficient way. The drug is manufactured in both Tablets/pill and syrup(bottle) form.

 The syrup which is in a 200ml bottle generally contains vitamins and lysine, while the tablets containing 20 round-like pills only include cyproheptadine hydrochloride, the active ingredient in Apetamin.

The bottled syrup of Apetamin is the largely consumed form of the medication because it is easier to absorb than solid, which makes it seem more efficient.

Also, dosage for the drug is easier recommended in the syrup form, and the results within periods of usage is more estimable and feasible compared to the tablet form.

Looking at the marketing and promotion of the drug, it is done more with the syrup because of its effectiveness as there are generally more people with proven weight improvement after using the syrup, not the tablet.

Steps on taking a bottle of Apetamin syrup

Whether it is to add body weight, enhance sickness recovery, or achieve an overall healthy look by using a bottle of Apetamin syrup, you want to take note of the following tips to see effective results in due time, and also prevent the side effects that come with misuse of the product.

  1. If it is your first time taking the drug, it is advised that the dose and duration is based on recommendation from your doctor which may vary, depending on areas of people’s activities and their individual diet allergies. 
  2. The label that is usually attached to the packaging of the product should be carefully read as it contains directions for you to follow, especially on what you should do before using it.
  3. Before opening and using the Apetamin syrup, make sure you shake well, in a manner to ensure that the liquid is well saturated. Then, open after it settles.
  4. For every dosage you take three times a day, make use of a measuring cup for moderation and should be taken, of course, by mouth. Do not use the liquid to gulp down any substance, pills or tablets.
  5. As mentioned earlier,  it is recommended to routinely take it at a fixed time, preferably 15 to 20 minutes before meal.
  6. Do NOT put the Apetamin bottle in the refrigerator or any other place exposed to  sunlight and UV rays. After use, store in a cool place like a drawer or cool dark cabinet. However, after opening the bottle for up to 14 days, it can stay in room temperature 
  7. A huge misconception about the Apetamin syrup is that one bottle of Apetamin is enough to achieve enhanced hips and butt in ladies. It is not a body enlargement product. Apetamin works by stimulating your appetite, allowing you to consume more calories than your body needs in order to accelerate weight gain at all parts of your body.


By now, you already know that a bottle of Apetamin syrup will last for about a week and a few days, and so it is better to order two bottles from the get-go or purchase the next bottle when the current one is at its half way point to avoid lapses in regular dosage.

Given that it is not a legally approved medication, it is banned in some countries such as the US which means you won’t see it sold in stores or health supplement retailers. But it is largely promoted and purchased online or on social media.

The price of Apetamin Syrup per bottle can vary from country to country but on average, will set you back for about $15 per bottle. What is more important is that you are able to validate the product’s authenticity and availability from your plug.