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How Much Apetamin To Take?

To achieve maximum results from the use of Apetamin, it is important that you know how much to take. This is because the supplement only works quickly and effectively when you take it in the right dosage.

In the rest of this post, you will be exposed to just how much Apetamin you should take on a daily basis, for both adults and children, how much you should eat while on Apetamin medication, and of course, when you should quit the supplement.

You will also learn which is best to go for between Apetamin Syrup and its Pills/tablet form to get the result you are looking for, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to use the Apetamin syrup in speeding up your weight gain journey.

Before then, let’s dive into the question of the day.

How much Apetamin to take

How much of Apetamin to take depends on what age bracket you fall under. However, in order to get effective results for adults, the recommended dosage of the Apetamin syrup is 15 to 20ml to be taken three times a day. It is advised to take this about 20 minutes before any meal

Based on the information provided by the manufacturer of the vitamin supplement, and as proven by loyal users of the drug on major review platforms, you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week with a consistent routine intake of the dosage highlighted above, but your appetite should start to increase in 2 days after you begin the medication.

Apetamin Dosage for children

If you notice, the above recommended dosage was for adults. Children who take apetamin should be given the appropriate dosage not only to get an effective result, but to also prevent the side effects that come with overdose or misuse of the drug.

As for children who are underweight, lack appetite, or need to add a few more pounds,  it is best to give them at 5ml to be taken two times a day to prevent overdose. Keep in mind that the children category, as far as the medication is concerned, is precisely those that are above 1 year old.

How much should you eat on Apetamin?

Apetamin is said to accelerate weight gain because it contains cyproheptadine hydrochloride, one of its most active ingredients whose action in the body is to stimulate you hunger for food naturally.

So, once you begin the medication, it is going to do its job by making you want to eat more and more than your metabolism require, especially if you are the type that lose apetite easily or find it hard to finish your meal.

But, you have to make sure that you help yourself to consume more calories, eating healthy food that also supports weight gain. Even without these dietary supplements, when you decide to put on more weight in a healthy way, the simple approach is to eat more calories than your body burns.

For instance, to facilitate healthy and slow weight gain, you should consume 300–500 calories more than you burn each day. But for fast growth, which is not recommended in every instance, you can go for around 700–1,000 calories above your maintenance level.

How much you consume while on apetamin is a very important consideration because most cases of Gut and breakout while taking the drug is not attributed to Apetamin itself, instead it may be caused by the food you're eating.

So while you take the appetite-stimulating medication, you want to be sure you are consuming healthy food, and maintaining an intermediate workout routine as well, as it helps to direct the weight to the channel or part of your body it needs to go.

Who should not take Apetamin?

For one thing, Apetamin might not be for everybody. This is not only because of how different we are as humans in reacting to dietary supplements and vitamins, but also because of our metabolism structure or current state/situation.

It is no news that the drug is more popular among women than men because it has been projected to lead to curvy hips, enlarged butts, and large sized breasts. (This is not true). But, it is not for everyone.

So, how do you know if you should not take Apetamin?

As a pregnant or lactating woman, Apetamin is not safe for you. Well, Cyproheptadine is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby, and that is why many platforms may not agree to this.

However, Antihistamines, Apetamin’s potent ingredient,  may slow breast milk production. So you need to ask your doctor as a pregnant or lactating woman whether the cyproheptadine passes into breast milk or if it could harm your baby.

Similarly, anyone allergic to cyproheptadine or any similar drug is not advised to try the medicine.

Also, if you reside in an environment, city or country where the weather is usually hot, or you are addicted to alcohol, it is not generally recommended to take Apetamin. This also apply for children under the age of 2, as mentioned earlier.

Apetamin Syrup Vs Pills, which is best?

Apetamin is manufactured in both the syrup and pill/tablet form. However, the vitamin supplement is largely bought and consumed in its 200ml syrup form.

This is because syrup is easier and faster to absorb that solid. And so, many consider the syrup more effective.

When you should stop taking Apetamin

You should stop taking the Apetamin drug once you have achieved your desired result in weight gaining.

Keep in mind that results often vary from person to person, that is why it is strictly advised to not rush the process. Stick to the recommended dosage for your age bracket.

Also, there are claims that one will begin to lose the weight gained after stopping the apetamin result which will be accompanied with severe side effects.

We have investigated these side effects and possible ways to avoid them in a recent article What happens when you stop taking Apetamin HERE.


Just like any other dietary supplement, it is important that they are taken in the right proportion and at the right time of the day to get the result you are looking for.

In this post, we have been able to cover how much apetamin to take as recommended for each age bracket, what and how much to eat while on Apetamin, as well as the right time to stop taking the supplement.

I hope you found this useful, then let me know in the comments.