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How To Use Apetamin Syrup

So, you have finally gotten the Apetamin syrup as a major leap towards achieving your weight gain goals, but how should you use the syrup?

What is the right dosage of Apetamin for your age bracket? How many more will you need to take to start seeing results?, and more importantly, when should you stop using Apetamin?

These are some of the common questions people ask on how to use apetamin syrup, and so, we have created this article to walk you through the recommended way to use the Apetamin syrup properly.

With this information on how to use Apetamin, you will be able to get effective results within the appropriate time, and you’ll also know when exactly the ideal time is to stop taking the supplement, because you aren’t going to take it forever, are you?

But then, as it’s rightly said, if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is definitely inevitable. So, before you start using the Apetamin syrup, you want to first make sure that it’s the right supplement for what you had in mind when purchasing the drug.

Apetamin is an appetite-stimulating supplement that is manufactured by TIL Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company based in India. It contains cyproheptadine, its main ingredients, which has many effects on the body, including increased appetite.

By increasing your level of hunger, you get to consume more healthy food (Calories) which will eventually lead to weight gain in an efficient and natural way. It also claims to tackle  inflammation, congestion, itching, and other allergic reactions.

So if you have a hard time gaining weight due to lack of appetite, the syrup claims to solve this problem. But how do you take apetamin to get the effective results you see online?

How to take Apetamin syrup: Guidelines

Apetamin comes in Syrup and pills form, But it is largely consumed in the syrup form given that the liquid is faster to absorb than solid. So this article will focus on taking the syrup form of the medication.

The following steps are the proper ways the vitamin syrup should be taken to achieve expected results and avoid side effects.

Step 1: Follow the doctor advise

First of all, it is important to note that Apetamin should be taken in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. In most recommended cases of treatment, the advice from doctors may vary depending especially in areas of people’s activities and their individual diet allergies.

Step 2: Check directives on the product label

When you get the brown, 200ml Apetamin syrup, there is usually a label attached to the packaging of the product. This contains directions for you to follow, especially on what you should do  before using it.

Step 3: Shake well before use

Just as you will see in the directions written on the label of the product, it is important that you shake the syrup well before use. Not vigorously, but in a manner to make sure the liquid is well saturated. Allow it to settle for a few seconds after shaking before opening.

Step 4: Use a measuring cup

For metabolism-influential supplements like Apetamin, moderation during intake is very vital. For every dosage it should be measured with a measuring cup and should be taken by mouth.

Using the syrup before or after a meal does not really matter but it is recommended to routinely take it at a fixed time, preferably 15 to 20 minutes before the meal.

Step 5: Storage

On storage of the Apetamin syrup, do NOT refrigerate it. As advised by manufacturers, it is recommended to store the drug in a place that protects it from sunlight and UV rays such as a  drawer or cool dark cabinet. However, after opening the bottle for up to 14 days, it can stay at room temperature.

This leads us to the next vital information on how to use the Apetamin syrup which is the appropriate dosage for you, and how frequent it should be taken within a given apportioned period of time.

Find out the right Apetamin Dosage for you

The recommended dosage of the Apetamin syrup for you depends on what age bracket you fall under.

For adults the recommended dosage of the Apetamin syrup is 15 to 20ml to be taken three times a day. It is advised to take this about 20 minutes before any meal, while for children, precisely those that are above 1 year old,  it is best to give them at 5ml to be taken two times a day to prevent overdose.

Can one bottle of Apetamin be enough to gain weight?

Now, You may ask, can one bottle of Apetamin make you gain weight? When you look at it, the Apetamin bottle is originally never completely full. one bottle of Apetamin will last approximately one week and half, because it is 200ml and you will be taking 15 to 20ml daily as an adult.

Based on experience, if you are taking the supplement every day twice a day, you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week, but your appetite should start to increase in 2 days after you begin the medication.

When should you stop using Apetamin syrup?

Normally, when you have seen a desired result in your weight gain, you should stop taking the supplement.

However, the results often vary from person to person, that is why it is strictly advised to not rush the process by taking beyond the recommended dosage for your age bracket.

More importantly, there are claims of severe side effects that come after one stops consuming the product. We have investigated these side effects and possible ways to avoid them in a recent article HERE


Also, if you see that after two weeks, the syrup is not working for you, you can look at other alternatives such as setting a target to eat more than 700 calories each day. Apetamin may not be for everyone because we are all different. 


This brings us to the end of this post, and I hope you now understand how the Apetamin syrup should be properly use, as well as the right apetamin dosage for your age bracket.

As mentioned earlier, if you are facing a hard time gaining weight, and the fact that you lose appetite quickly and hardly finish your meals worsen the situation, then a routine medication on the Apetamin syrup may just be the solution.

However, it is important that I reiterate the necessity of consulting your general physician on the procedure to take when you choose to tread this path to weight gaining.