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Is Apetamin FDA Approved?

The Apetamin drug has been making waves as it claims to help in weight gaining, functioning as an appetite stimulant in the body.

People who are looking to add more weight might have sometimes searched online for dietary supplements and must have come across the Apetamin syrup.

It might have even been recommended by popular body fitness Youtubers and Influencers on Social media platforms.

However, whatever way we choose to go by in achieving our ambitious weight gain goals all boils down to one important consideration which is - is it safe to use?

Generally speaking, medication substances that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are considered safe to use given that the drug’s effects must have been reviewed by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) for public health safety.

But, a product is not guaranteed to be safe just because it  is FDA-approved.

This is because the approval is simply based on evidence provided by the manufacturer showing that the benefit of the medical product outweighs its side effects.

Nevertheless, one of the ways people are guaranteed of the safety of a drug before use is by checking whether or not it is approved by the federal agency.

So, Is the Apetamin drug FDA-approved?

No. Up till now, the FDA does not approve the use of Apetamin in the United States. This means that it is illegal to take the supplement, especially when it is not strictly according to a doctor’s recommendation.

However, some study has shown that the active ingredient in Apetamin called cyproheptadine is safe as effective in causing healthy and natural weight gain via appetite stimulation, but is only available under prescription.

Why is Apetamin not FDA approved?

Although, it should be noted that the FDA does not have the legal backing to regulate these dietary products, but given that the Apetamin drug contains cyproheptadine which is a prescription drug, it is considered illegal to sell this without the right license.

Apetamin syrup and pills are produced by a company located in Chennai, India named TIL Healthcare.

They also produce other products that contain cyproheptadine such as the Apetamin P, Calpitone (Cyprocal), and  Cyprocat (Cyproforce) which are all not FDA-approved for consumption in the U.S.

Now, precisely, a study has shown that Apetamin has been reported to be the cause of liver toxicity in a person who purchased Apetamin off the internet. Other discovered side effects are dizziness, frequent urination, dryness of the nose or throat, and headache.

The increased appetite which leads to weight gain is also a side effect of the drug.

Is Apetamin safe to use for weight gain?

Despite the fact that the mystical syrup is not legally approved due to safety concerns, there are some positive reviews out there on how it works real quick for weight gaining, which can quickly be considered as mere promotion of the product.

Considering the proven side effects that are bound to follow after usage, you can’t really trust relying on Apetamin for weight gain except in cases where it comes with a doctor's prescription.

However, if you have to go down the path of using Apetamin at all costs, or even if you have started using it and just discovered this, it is very important that you make an informed decision.

Part of these important decisions to consider include where to buy, how to take it in the right dosage, as well as what to do before and after quitting medication on the supplement which we shall be looking into in the rest of this post.

Where to buy Apetamin syrup

As mentioned earlier, it is considered illegal for anyone to sell Apetamin without the appropriate license, which explains why you can not get it directly from the pharmacist.

This means that when you see Apetamin with someone, it can be explainable that it has been smuggled or something.

The only way people get to purchase the supplement is off the internet or vendors via social media apps. And needless to say, there is a red flag in buying pharmaceutical products from the internet.

This, in fact, necessitates the need to trust your vendor that you are purchasing the real Apetamin, and you are going by a safe prescription on the proper dosage for the drug to avoid the side effects that follow slight misuse.

Recommended Dosage for Apetamin

For adults, the recommended dosage of the Apetamin syrup is 15 to 20ml to be taken three times a day. It is advised to take this about 20 minutes before any meal, while for children, precisely those that are above 2 years old,  it is best to give them at 5ml to be taken two times a day to prevent overdose.

When you have seen the desired result in your weight gain, you should stop taking the supplement.

However, the results often vary from person to person, that is why it is strictly advised to not rush the process by taking beyond the recommended dosage for the age bracket you fall under.

On how much is Apetamin, the drug comes in pill and syrup form but is commonly bought and consumed in the syrup form. You can expect to pay anywhere around $15 for the 200ml bottle.

Note that the price may vary depending on your location or the vendor you are buying from.


All and above, the Apetamin supplement, true, is not FDA approved. But, this does not go to say that the syrup does not work for weight gaining. If you are going by a recommendation from your doctor, you really do not have anything to be bothered about.

Once you start taking Apetamin syrup, your appetite should start to increase 2 days after, and if you consistently take the supplement twice each day, you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week, but this should be supported with eating healthy meals and maintaining an intermediate workout routine.

Remember to always put safety first.