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Is Apetamin Safe?

It’s one thing to search online for certain dietary supplements for quick weight gain, it is another to be sure if such medication is safe for consumption.

Apetamin is an example of such a supplement as it contains cyproheptadine, lysine, and other vitamins which claims to help in increasing your level of appetite to consume more food which will consequently lead to weight gaining.

However, the drug which was manufactured by an Indian-based pharmaceutical company, TIL Healthcare, has not been approved by the FDA which means Apetamin is illegal in the UK and some other countries, and you can’t find it being sold in stores or health supplement retailers, but can be purchased online or via social media.

And, you should know that buying Apetamin, weight gain pills, or any other pharmaceutical product from the internet comes with risks, and companies will never come online to talk about the bad side of their product. As such, you want to be sure whether Apetamin is safe to use as advertised by some of its loyal users on social media.

In this post, you will be exposed to the truth about Apetamin drug, why doctors say Apetamin is unsafe versus the average reviews from experienced users of the product, as well as Apetamin substitute or alternatives.

With this background understanding, let’s cut the chase and find out if Apetamin is truly safe for you to use.

Is Apetamin safe to use?

Aside from the illicit nature of the supplement, Apetamin may not be entirely safe for you considering the side effects that have been diagnosed to follow after usage such as dizziness, nausea, headache, drowsiness and fatigue, muscle weakness, among others.

In addition, products containing cyproheptadine have not gone through extensive FDA approval testing and can be dangerous except if it's according to your doctor's prescription.

However, the obvious benefit of the substance is that it helps people to gain weight naturally and efficiently by increasing their appetite. Some research, in fact, has shown that the ingredient contained in Apetamin can help you achieve desired results.

Why doctors say Apetamin is unsafe

The mystical supplement comes in syrup and pill form and has raised concerns from medical practitioners obviously because of its contents and the side effects listed above which has been witnessed in most treatment cases.

There was research carried out on the use of apetamin's main ingredient, cyproheptadine, in stimulating appetite and body weight. And after analyzing 46 articles across 21 different treatment populations, the researchers found that 39 studies showed that cyproheptadine resulted in increased weight gain.

While this indicates that Apetamin lives up to its name, similar extensive studies on people using the supplement have revealed the most common side effect to be drowsiness.

Doctors are also concerned that many people are getting access to this medication online without being sure of its safety, purity, or dosage.

On the flip side, there are still many people out there who use the drug and say they have not encountered any of these side effects so far, which means that further studies are needed to confirm these findings.

Is there a case of Apetamin death?

After extensive research and wide coverage of interviews with medical practitioners and people acquainted with the product, we did not pinpoint any case where the Apetamin drug led to death.

However, given that the substance contains cyproheptadine hydrochloride, an antihistamine, misuse or abuse of this substance may result in serious problems, such as liver failure and even death.

As such, it is dangerously alarming to see many women online with crazy weight gain ambitions for large buttocks, hourglass shapes, and increased breast size such that they do not care to consume the syrup in dosage that is beyond prescription or recommendation.

 It is for this reason that we dedicated a recent post to explain in details how Apetamin syrup should be taken if at all you’ve got to try it at all cost

Apetamin Reviews

A look at the average reviews of Apetamin syrup across major online platforms where the supplement is sold, it seems to be doing a magical work in the body of those who use it as against the safety concerns raised.

 For example on ebay, the data review showed that 97% of the people who have bought and used the product would recommend it, while 96% of buyers see it as a product of good value. Also, if you take a look at #apetamin syrup on Facebook and other major social media platforms, you will see images of healthy women promoting the product.

But while these reviews show that the product works for weight gaining, almost no one is talking about the safety concerns as we have deciphered in this post. Just a few people even think of whether one will lose weight after stopping apetamin as we have explained in a recent post.


The positive reviews everywhere about Apetamin is simply an indicator that those who are marketing this product (with the help of  social media influencers) are doing a fantastic job.

But don’t fall for it because if you consider the possible side effect that happens if things go south, it is something you would want to totally avoid.

Apetamin substitute/alternatives

Now you may ask, How do I gain weight in one week the way I would when using apetamin? This is where we need to talk about safe, healthy substitutes for Apetamin that are recommended by doctors.

To figure out the answer becomes easy when you can point out what vitamins help you gain weight. Other appetite stimulants such as cannabinoids, mirtazapine (Remeron), olanzapine, and corticosteroids as some of the recommendations from doctors for those who are underweight or lack appetite.

However, the common recommended appetite stimulants are synthetic progesterone and corticosteroids.


On a final note, the truth remains that Apetamin is not legally approved as a result of the safety concerns of the supplement even though there are some positive reviews out there which might just be promotion of the product.

Considering the proven side effects that are bound to follow after usage, you can’t really trust relying on Apetamin for weight gaining except in cases where it comes with a doctor's prescription.

However, if you have to go down the path of using Apetamin at all cost, or even if you have started using it and just discovering this, it is very important that you make informed decision such as where to buy, how to take it in the right dosage, as well as what to do before and after quitting medication on the supplement.

We have been able to provide practical solutions and approach to some of these questions in some of our recent posts about Apetamin syrup usage which we believe you would find helpful.