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What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin?

 Let’s face it, for some people, gaining weight is not easy.

Considering the benefits of gaining a few pounds such as body appreciation, better sleep, beauty benefits, enhanced social life, timely boost of libido, and of course, a good relationship with food, it becomes obvious that skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

Speaking of relationships with food, some try to eat food which will supply them with more calories for weight gaining, but when you lack appetite, realizing this goal becomes almost impossible.

This absolutely justifies why some resort to taking dosage of weight gain supplements such as the Apetamin syrup as it claims to help you gain weight by stimulating your appetite.

But there are a lot of contradicting opinions and concerns towards the use of Apetamin, given that the supplement is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So, for someone who’s been using the syrup for a while, and decides to stop because of the above, or because you have been able to achieve the desired result, you want to know what really happens when you eventually stop taking the supplement.

 Just like some routine body care products that leave an effect on the body once stopped, you want to know if the Apetamin you’ve been using will do the same, worse, or not, after you have stopped using it.

 And that is what this article is about. You will be exposed to the real thing that happens when you stop using Apetamin, Positives and negatives, and how to make informed decisions for the aftermath.

 But quickly, before that…

What really is the Apetamin Syrup?

It is an appetite stimulating weight-gain supplement that is manufactured by TIL Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company based in India.

The syrup contains cyproheptadine, its active ingredients, which is made up of an antihistamine and a hepatotoxin that has many effects on the body, including increased appetite. The syrup also contains the amino acid lysine, and some vitamins for weight gaining.

The supplement has not yet been validated by the US Food and Drug Administration or the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and so it is labeled illegal to sell Apetamin in most countries which, of course, includes the United States.


This is because of concerns raised that the syrup causes sleepiness, dizziness, tremors , irritability, blurred vision, among other side effects.

Despite this, it is still heavily promoted on social media as a way of achieving curvy body shape and weight gain, as some people confirm that it works for them.

So what happens when I stop taking Apetamin?

For most people who want to know what happens when one stops taking Apetamin, it is most likely to be sure if the weight stays on or not.

And from experience in using the product for weight gaining, the true answer is Yes…and No.  What do I mean?

The weight gained while using Apetamin is often lost after you stop using it the way you used to, also you will notice the appetite begin to decrease. This is because the cyproheptadine in the body is eliminated and a result of the discontinued intake of the syrup.

This can begin to take effect 2-3 weeks after you have stopped taking the product, and you will begin to record a marginal decrease in weight of about approximately 2-3 pounds.

If you want to prevent yourself from dropping more pounds, you’d want to start using the vitamin syrup again which, based on experience, can help you gain 2-3 pounds back, and even a few more.

Do you lose weight when you stop taking Apetamin?

To be honest, my friend, you are likely to lose weight when you stop taking the appetite-stimulant syrup, but this will not happen immediately.

As mentioned earlier, this is because the discontinuous intake of the supplement will lead to the elimination of the cyproheptadine content, which as explained earlier, is the active ingredient.

However, there are some people who we interviewed who said they never lost weight after they stopped taking Apetamin. And were even willing to continue the routine doze.

You should know that Apetamin does not literally make you fat, it only stimulates your appetite so you can consume more food (calories) such that it leads to body building and subsequent weight gain.

So when you stop taking this appetite stimulant, it begins to drop, which means you can maintain the weight you have gained if you continue eating.

While outcome may vary, it is important to keep in mind that one can begin to lose the increased weight after stopping the intake of apetamin.

Again, many users resort to using the vitamin syrup again to prevent dropping more pounds, which, based on experience, can help you gain 2-3 pounds back, and even a few more.

Are there side effects when you stop taking Apetamin?

You might have watched a number of Youtube videos, seen Ads on Instagram and promotion of the product on your favourite social media apps by influencers, but the baseline truth remains that…

…Apetamin is something you will really get to understand when you use it for yourself.

However, you can be rest assured that what I tell you is based on research carried out from a cross section of people who have used the supplement, have stopped, and continued.

So on side effects after stoppage of intake, it is important to note that all we have seen above as happens when you stop taking the vitamin syrup is usually followed by some unwanted side effects.

According to various research, these effects include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, malaise and very bad mood swings.

These experiences were also confirmed from users who stopped taking Apetamin and came to public domain review platforms and social media.

Is there a way out?

At this point, if you have been a loyal user of apetamin, and you have chosen to stop just like that, then how to control what is to come after it all boils down to one word - Moderation.

Moderation is key if you are going to stop taking the vitamin syrup and avoid the side effects that some have claimed to follow. The issue of weight gaining and losing becomes secondary when you consider the side effects.

So you want to make sure that as you stop the syrup intake, you are not just monitoring the state of your weight but also that of your overall health.

If you are unsure about anything to do after you have stopped using the medication, it is equally safe to reach out for medical consultation and advice on prevention from the above listed claimed side effects of apetamin intake stoppage.