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What Is Apetamin Syrup Used For?

If you have come across the Apetamin syrup on the internet or on social media, or have been introduced to it by a friend or influencer, and you want to know what Apetamin Syrup is used for, this post is for you.

There is so much information out there about the drug, Apetamin, of which many are misleading or sugar-coated simply for advertisement/promotional gains.

Just as curious as you, we have carried out a deeper research and have interviewed some of the loyal users of Apetamin to find out what the supplement is used for and what exactly it does to the body.

What is Apetamin and its uses

Apetamin is a vitamin supplement that comes in either pill or syrup form which is taken to increase one’s appetite level such that he/she consumes more calories than the metabolism demands which would consequently lead to weight gain.

Hence, the Apetamin syrup is commonly used by underweight people, or those who are looking to add a few more pounds to achieve their weight gain goals in a natural, efficient, and pretty much faster way. The supplement also claims to help tackle sneezing, watery eyes, itchy or a runny nose, and migraines.

However, the appetite-stimulating medication is widely patronized by those who are skinny, thin, slim, or simply not happy with their small body size to accelerate their weight gain journey.

As you read on, you will discover how the Apetamin drug is able to do this, as well as where to get Apetamin syrup and price. As we go on, you will also find out the legal status of the supplement in the market, and common myths said about the vitamin syrup.

What does Apetamin do to your body?

If you grab a bottle of the Apetamin syrup (200ml) and go through the details written on the label, you will see that a teaspoon the substance (5 ml), according to the manufacturers, contains the following:

  • Cyproheptadine hydrochloride: 2 mg
  • Nicotinamide (vitamin B3): 15 mg
  • L-lysine hydrochloride: 150 mg
  • Dexpanthenol (an alternative form of vitamin B5): 4.5 mg
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) hydrochloride: 1 mg
  • Thiamine (vitamin B1) hydrochloride: 2 mg
  • We found out in our research that the Cyproheptadine hydrochloride, which by the way is  the main ingredient of the syrup, stimulates your appetite by interfering with a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which regulates appetite, cravings for food consumption, and many hormones.

    There is also a study that shows that this particular ingredient may increase levels of an hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) in children who are underweight.

    All and above, the basic explanation to what apetamin does to the body once you begin to take it is that it causes increased appetite, that is, crave for food. By this time you begin to react to this increased level of hunger by eating more than your metabolism needs, you begin to gain weight.

    This is why it is largely used by those who face a hard time gaining weight due to their lack of little or no hunger for food.

    Is Apetamin used for Butt/Hip enlargement?

    One of the disastrous misconceptions about the Apetamin syrup is that many people think it is a buttocks/hips/breast enlargement product.

    Sadly, this is largely promoted by Influencers and marketers of the syrup on Instagram and other social media platforms. It is even one of the reasons why the Apetamin syrup is famous among women.

    One thing you should know about this supplement is that once it begins to cause you to start adding weight, the weight is not directed to one part of the body - it goes everywhere.

    The supplement will cause parts of your body including your arms, face and stomach to retain more fat.

    Users of the drug who have seen results have gained more fat all over their body, not just in one place which has even reflected in sufficient amounts of belly fat.

    So how come some healthy women share before and after photos of their physique changes after taking the Apetamin drug, do they do something else?

    After engaging in a conversation with two women of this kind on Facebook, we were able to discover that the answer to this is simply that they workout.

    Working out while on Apetamin medication will help you keep a flat stomach, and may also help channel the weight gained to where it should go.  

    So, Is Apetamin safe to use?

    It is important to note at this point that the mystical Apetamin syrup has not been approved by the FDA as a result of safety concerns, and is considered not recommended without doctors’ prescription.

    Aside from that, Apetamin may not be entirely safe for you considering the side effects that have been diagnosed to follow after usage such as dizziness, nausea, headache, drowsiness and fatigue, muscle weakness, among others.

    Particularly, it is dangerous to use the supplement if you are under the category of Pregnant or lactating women, those allergic to cyproheptadine or any similar drug, those who live in an area where the weather is usually hot, alcohol addict or children under the age of 2.

    However, there are many people out there who have used the drug and have gotten results without experiencing any complications whatsoever. We have extensively discussed this, as well as how to use the Apetamin syrup in a recent article which can broaden your knowledge of the safety concerns around the supplement.

    Where to buy Apetamin Syrup and Price?

    Given that it is not a legally approved medication, it is banned in some countries such as the US which means you won’t see it sold in stores or health supplement retailers. But it is largely purchased online or on social media.

    The price of Apetamin Syrup per bottle can vary from country to country but is sold on average for as low as $15 per 200ml bottle, but what is more important is if you can validate the product authenticity and availability from the plug.

    Keep in mind that if you are in states like the US, going ahead to purchase the syrup online means you are exposing yourself to the risk of some of the side effects mentioned above.


    So guys, if you have been looking for information on what Apetamin really is, and what it is actually used for, I hope this article has been able to supply you with the information you need.

    The supplement which is widely used for appetite-stimulation for weight gain has become so popular on the internet despite the side effects projected by medical practitioners.

    Feel free to share your opinions on the Apetamin, as well as any other questions you have which we might have forgotten to address in the above article.