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Where To Buy Apetamin Pills?

Are you searching for a reliable vendor or supplier to get Apetamin pill or syrup from? Look no further!

This article will walk you through a list of the best places where you can purchase the Apetamin supplement, no matter where your current location is.

The vitamin-formulated Apetamin is widely known to be an appetite-stimulant that helps underweight people achieve quick weight gain. 

And, yes, it works!

Despite how popular the dietary drug is (especially among women), you will agree with me that it’s not one of the accessible medications to find out there.

This is partly because the drug, manufactured by an Indian-based pharmaceutical company, is not yet approved by the FDA. This makes it illegal to openly sell or purchase in some countries, including the United States.

Nevertheless, there are some dedicated vendors and reliable suppliers on the internet where people order the drug from and have it delivered to their location where ever they are in the world.

Aside from popular online shopping stores, examples of reliable suppliers of Apetamin pills worldwide include:

  • Trade Smart
  • Aglime Trading Ltd
  • Mybig pharmacy
  • Apetamindivaz
  • And a few other tested and trusted plugs on social media, as you will see in detail in this article.
  • Some of these vendors are even advertised on the internet by influencers and loyal users of the supplement with photo proofs showing the positive result of impressive weight gained during usage.

    Let’s get cracking into the list of sure plugs online to buy Apetamin tablets without further ado.

    Five online stores to buy Apetamin pills

    There is a risk that comes with buying things from the internet, not to mention pharmaceutical products.


    With this in mind, we dedicated a significant amount of time to dig out the following sources, in no particular order, as a sure plug for purchasing the Apetamin pill from anywhere you are in the world.

    Trade Smart

    With more than two decades in the business, Trade Smart Universal Int. ships and delivers Apetamin Pills and Syrup to destinations all around the globe.

    Aside from pharmaceutics research, they also deal in supplying and trading almost every conceivable type of cargo from Petroleum Products to Petrochemicals, Minerals, and even some Agricultural Products.

    They have been exporting Apetamin to customers in various countries such as the United States of America, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belarus, China, and many others.

    They are listed on popular B2B market places like exportersindia, tradewheel, and so on where you can buy the Apetamin products from them.

    Aglime Trading Ltd

    Similar to Trade Smart, Aglime Trading is a well-known exporter of pharmaceutical products with a wide range of Apetamin Syrup, Modafinil Tablets, Armodafinil Tablets and HCG Injections in stock for sales to customers.

    They are trusted because the product they procure are under the strict guideline of international standards, and they have an extensive supply network chain for the Apetamin drug.

    Aglime is also lauded for its on-time delivery schedules, and you can access their stocks on popular online marketplaces.

    Mybig pharmacy

    Mybig pharmacy prides itself as one of the online marketplaces for pharmaceuticals, Medical equipment and Medical Supplies, which mainly makes it a sure plug for wholesale supply of Apetamin pills.

    The digital platform allows you to procure and purchase medical supplies like multivitamins and dietary supplements such as the Apetamin pill and syrup without worrying about your geographical location.

    If you need a particular quotation, or in cases of bulk purchase of Apetamin, you can even reach out to them at

    Another exciting part is that you can register as a vendor on their platform to sell credible pharmaceutical medications that seem hard to find in many areas, such as the Apetamin.


    Many vendors of Apetamin thrive more on their social media footprint. A typical example is Apetamindivaz on Instagram (@apetamindivaz).

    But considering the few followers and last updates, they can only do more of their selling via their official website, where you can place a call, get a quotation, and know more about the store.

    The trajectory of Apetamin pills orders placed by customers on their platform significantly spiked during the global covid-19 lockdown period last year.

    As studied within the period, the establishment is solely focused on selling original Apetamin pills and syrup, as they have loyal customers who share receipts of the satisfying transaction and recommendations.

    M/s Salah Traders

    Indian-based M/s Salah Traders supplies and exports a high-quality variety of prescription painkillers, pain relief, and weight gaining capsules, including Apetamin pills in large and small quantities worldwide.

    Apart from their dedication platform for this service, they are listed on global commercial media where interested customers can place orders, contact them on a phone call, or even get quotations as per the quantity of Apetamin pills needed.

    Of course, you will have to keep in mind the shipping and delivery cost, but it is assured as safe and convenient to your destination.

    How much does Apetamin pill cost?

    The price of the Apetamin pill ranges as per the vendor you choose to buy from, as shipping and delivery costs will also be calculated.

    It also has slightly different pricing from its alternative, Apetamin syrup.

    Generally speaking, you should expect to pay anywhere between $10 to $20 for a packet of Apetamin pill from an online vendor.

    P.S: Each packet contains 20 tablets of the drug, and the price is certainly influenced by the quantity ordered.

    Precaution for buying Apetamin pill online

    This article can not be complete without mentioning the potential risk of purchasing drugs like Apetamin online, as highlighted earlier.

    Aside from it being a drug, there will be fear in the air over eventually purchasing a fake product, being scammed, or even worse, not holding anyone accountable if things go south.

    This is why we’ve been very selective and stringent in listing the suppliers where you can contact for buying Apetamin supplements.

    Above all, you want to make sure you have spoken to a nutritionist or doctor before considering the dietary supplement.

    NOTE: Your supplier choice is at your discretion, and you should observe due diligence and make your findings feel comfortable before proceeding with any transaction over the internet.

    It’s a wrap

    People looking to add more weight might have sometimes searched online for dietary supplements and must have come across the Apetamin pills.

    It is being recommended by many popular body fitness Youtubers and Influencers on Social media platforms.

    If you have been looking for ways to lay your hands on the supplement, I hope this article has given you headway.

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