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Why Does Apetamin Make You Sleepy?

One of the obvious reasons why people use the Apetamin drug is to increase their level of appetite in order to add more weight.

While the supplement is widely said to be effective for what it has been made for, this does not outweigh the side effects as perceived by some users of the medication. Part of these experiences include sleepiness after taking the drug.

What could be the cause of this? And, are there other side effects to the use of the Apetamin for weight gain?

If after you started taking the Apetamin drug, you began to feel sleepy occasionally than usual, the obvious reason is because the active ingredient of Apetamin called  cyproheptadine whose effect include increased appetite is said to also cause several side effects such as sleepiness, dizziness, and even blurred vision in some cases.

Chances are when you were purchasing the product online or via social media, you were not told of the side effects that may likely happen once you start the medication. The sleepiness caused by the effect of Apetamin dosage may also be attributed to the interaction of the drug with alcohol, grapefruit juice, and many drugs, including antidepressants.

This is why it is advised to be sure of what to eat while taking apetamin because your choice of diet within the period of taking the drug can trigger the side effects much faster than usual.

It is for this reason, among others, that the supplement has not been approved by the FDA to be sold legally in most countries including the United states.

However, not all users of the supplement give account of feeling strange sleeping urge or any other side effects whatsoever. It just shows how we are all different and our body react to routine dietary supplements in a different type of way.

Apetamin makes me sleepy, what should I do?

Based on experience, the extreme extent of the sleepiness side effect of taking apetamin can go as far as affecting you while working, driving, walking, or doing any other thing that requires much of your attention.

Now that you know that the cause of this is the content of the Apetamin drug, what then do you do? The obvious answer is to stop taking the dosage.

But then, the second thought of your ambitious weight gain goals might leave you worried over going back to your previous position before achieving your current body weight thus far.

But if you have to continue the medication, and you want to curb the drowsiness, it is recommended to take the syrup on weekends for the first time. This will intervene in your sleep cycle and daily routine.

In fact, it may happen that the first time you take the Apetamin, you can feel drowsy at an instant. That is why it is recommended that the first day to take it should be a day you are not doing anything.

Are there other side effects of Apetamin?

First, there are two trivial effects that you will most likely experience when you first start taking the supplement, first is hunger which you should not worry about, afterall, that's proof that it is working.

The second is drowsiness, sleepiness just as we have discussed earlier on how to manage by taking the syrup on weekends for the first time to balance sleep cycle and daily routine.

You should know that these two common effects will last only a few days of its initial use and then, very soon your body gets used to it.

However, you should be more concerned with the other side effects that actually raise concerns from doctors and medical practitioners.

The Cyproheptadine contained in the Apetamin drug can in some cases ultimately cause dry mouth, pain in the stomach, fatigue, and even nausea and constipation.

Other side effects as reported by some users on major online review platforms includes difficulty in urinating, and blurred vision.

There is also a special research carried out by the DR Congo which revealed that 73% of the 499 people studied  increase their risks of getting obesity by misusing Apetamin’s main ingredient, cyproheptadine.

How do I avoid these?

If you are experiencing unusual fatigue as a result of taking the apetamin drug and you do not wish to stop the routine dosage until you have accomplished your desired result, it is advised to try taking  Floradix Liquid Iron `which is said to help the situation.

As for the skin rashing side effects, many users of the syrup who have faced this problem have used Antiseptic Healing Cream or Bio Oil which has proven to help such a situation.

All and above, the main cause for the body reactions to trigger all these side effects after taking apetamin could be attributed to inappropriate dosage of the drug. 

Once you begin to misuse or abuse the cyproheptadine contained in Apetamin, you place yourself somewhere not far from experiencing these side effects and even worse outcomes.

This is why it is dangerously alarming when I see women and ladies with ambitious weight gain goals for big buttocks and enlarged breast size take the Apetamin in excess with the hope of getting results faster than usual.

Apetamin is not a weight gaining pill or buttock enlargement product, it simply increases your appetite, allowing you to eat much so that you gain weight naturally and efficiently.

To this end, you want to make sure you are taking the moderate and proper dosage of the syrup in order to prevent or reduce the risk of these listed side effects. It is also safe when you are taking the product in line with your doctor’s prediction.

For adults the recommended dosage of the Apetamin syrup is 15 to 20ml to be taken three times a day. It is advised to take this about 20 minutes before any meal, while for children, precisely those that are above 1 year old,  it is best to give them at 5ml to be taken two times a day to prevent overdose.

Final words…

While some are bent on losing weight, others face a hard time to put on more weight due to lack of appetite or some other genetic reasons. Dietary Supplements like Apetamin have been used as an appetite stimulant to help people, even undernourished children gain weight.

This, however, does not go against the fact that it is not approved, and it comes with some side effects which include sleeping and drowsiness among others.

If after using the syrup, you have been facing this plight, we have been able to discuss in the above article what the cause could be, and how you can go about it.

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